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Frequently asked questions


What is MultiPolls?

Simply put, we build technology that allows you to earn money by taking surveys from researchers. Although, we rather think of MultiPolls as a community made up of people from all walks of life that use technology not only to make some extra cash but also help shape brands, develop products, inform governments, and help academic discoveries through the community’s collective opinions.

What makes MultiPolls different from other survey apps?

We use technology to not only find you the best surveys available from multiple researchers, but we use this technology to keep our team small and efficient. This not only allows you to have more surveys available to take, but also allows you to earn more per survey due to our low expenses.


Who are the surveys for and what are they being used for?

The surveys you are taking are for consumer and business brands, government pollsters, and university studies. These surveys are used to help get insights on consumer preferences and behaviour, political opinions, and academic research. In other words, you help in the making of important decisions.

How come I’m not getting more surveys?

We don’t have an endless supply of surveys, so the amount of surveys available to you is very much dependent on our researchers. At the end of the day, we will do our best to get you as many high quality survey opportunities as possible.

Do I see less surveys the closer I get to cashing out?

No. Our system shows the best surveys for you at that moment, but note that there are ups and downs in the amount of available surveys at any given time. So what might seem like you are getting less surveys, it is just that there is less research.

Why am I getting disqualified from surveys?

This isn’t your fault, researchers try to narrow down who they want to get an opinion from and do this via further qualification questions that are specific to the research they are conducting. With that being said, we try to match you with surveys where the probability of completion is high.

Why did I get a broken survey?

We filter and select thousands of surveys from our research partners, and although we do catch the majority of the broken surveys, some do get through. We are still working on improving this detection system but we will never be 100% free of broken surveys, although we try.

How can I increase my earnings?

There isn’t a magical trick to earn more, what we recommend to our users is to take surveys based on our notifications when possible and to take short surveys when you go into the app without going through a notification. The reason is that through our notifications, we highlight the surveys that have the highest probability of completion. The remaining surveys will have a lower probability of completion, so would be best to attempt multiple short surveys instead. Finally, this is a marathon, do surveys when you can. MultiPolls isn’t intended to substitute your job, instead it is intended to give you some extra cash a month.

Cash Out

How do I cash out?

After reaching the cash out threshold, you will unlock cashouts via PayPal and/or gift cards. You will then just need to select the cash out method and follow the instructions.

What are the cash out options?

We have PayPal and/or gift cards, depending on your region.

How long does it take to get my cash out?

Cash outs can take up to 48 hours from the moment you initiate it.

Will you have more cash out options in the future?

Yes. We are always looking to give our users more options.

User Integrity

Why was I asked to provide my ID with a selfie?

Although this is rare, if you were asked for an ID with a selfie it is because there was suspicious activity on your account or one of our researchers flagged one of your surveys.

What are reasons for not receiving my cash out?

The following will void your cash out request: - The use of VPN or Proxy - Not being truthful with your answers - Not providing clear language when completing answers - Not passing quality questions throughout your use of MultiPolls The reason is that when a survey is rejected by a researcher, we then do not receive the funds to be able to pay you as a user.


Is my data safe and secure?

Yes. Your data is stored encrypted on our servers.

What is my data being used for?

Your data is only being used for identifying surveys that are the best fit for you.

Can I delete my data and account?

Yes. Visit the settings section within the app and there you will find the delete account option. Just tap on the option and follow the instructions.